Medical Therapy in the Adler St. Roman

Stay healthy!

In our Naturpark Hotel we want to do everything to make you feel good. Both while on holiday with us and in the future!

For exactly that reason we are opening our new Black Forest spa with proven medical applications from the Vital-Oasis - an institute offering practical health applications that are exclusively performed by state-approved therapists.

This is the place where you will be treated in the future by our physiotherapists Rainer Pfundstein und Kristin Bethke. The two specialists have many years of professional experience and specialise in holistic health and the therapeutic approach. With processes such as human neuro cybrainetics (hands help to heal) or neurological intensive rehabilitation, they help and support you on your way to health and well-being.

We ask that you sign up for these forms of therapy as early as possible. Only then can we accommodate your appointment requests AND provide you with comprehensive advice in advance of your appointment. For further information:

Rainer Pfundstein: Mobile: +49 172-2730 110
Kristin Bethke: Mobile: +49 152-2294 8042